Just Launched: GoGuidebook – Digital Guidebooks & Welcome Books For Vacation Rentals

Sep 01, 2022

Just Launched: GoGuidebook – Digital Guidebooks & Welcome Books For Vacation Rentals

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September 1, 2022

This week we’re excited to debut our new Bold City Agency product, GoGuidebook.  GoGuidebook is a platform for creating digital guidebooks and welcome books for vacation rentals, hotels, campgrounds and even events (music festivals, city celebrations, etc.).

What’s a digital guidebook?  Digital guidebooks are quickly replacing the printed guidebook that we’ve all seen and used for years.  You know the big binder that you always find in vacation rentals packed full of random instructions, crossed out lists, flyers for restaurants that are no longer in business?  Yeah, that thing.

A vacation rental digital guidebook allows you to transform that monster of a binder into a clean, organized, accessible from anywhere website that people will want to use.  The overall result is vacation rental hosts, hotel managers, etc. receive less questions which ultimately results in a better overall experience for the guest.

Let’s take a deeper look at some additional benefits for both hosts and guests when it comes to using digital guides:

Digital Guide Benefits For Hosts

  1. Guests Have Less Questions – As we mentioned above, when guidebook content is better organized, answers become easier to find.  Digital guidebooks can cut questions by guests by as much as 80%.
  2. Location Recommendations With Maps – Guests are always looking for recommendations on restaurants, attractions, etc..  Give them what they want in a modern format: map pins on a digital map.  The map is accessible 24×7 from any device making it easy for guests to find that after dinner cocktail spot while on the go.
  3. Update The Guide From Anywhere – Many vacation rental hosts don’t live in the city their rental is in.  Or they may live their part time.  That makes it extremely difficult to update a printed guidebook.  Not with a digital guide, update it on the go, all you need is an internet connection.
  4. Introduce Videos To Your Guestbook – You can use YouTube to find how to answers on just about anything.  Need to fix a garbage disposal?  There’s a YouTube video on that.  Need to know how to operate a fancy thermostat?  There’s a YouTube video on that.  However, without a digital guide there’s no way to get how to videos in front of your guests.  We’re solving that.
  5. Works On All Devices – Accessible from anywhere in the world on any device (computer, laptop, phone, tablet).  The guest doesn’t need to be at your property allowing them to more effectively plan ahead for their stay.
  6. Set Yourself Apart – Vacation rentals are becoming more and more popular as an investment which is saturating some markets.  Want to set yourself apart from the other rentals in the area?  Give your guests an awesome digital guide.  Trust us, they’ll be talking about it long after their stay.


Digital Guide Benefits For Guests

  1. More Organized, Less Frustrating – It’s nice having everything you need for your stay in an organized fashion that is available on your phone.  No flipping through massive guidebooks that often contain old and outdated information.
  2. Accessible Pre-Arrival – Guests love to plan and be prepared.  Give them that power.  A digital guidebook allows them to see your favorite restaurants, attractions, etc. prior to their arrival.  They can make reservations and better plan their day-to-day so once they arrive they can spend less time planning and more time doing.
  3. Reduces Questions – Believe it or not, most guests don’t want to bother you with questions.  They’d prefer to have the power to address their own questions so they’re not waiting around for answers.  When guests have less questions, they have a better experience which results in better reviews for you.  A digital guidebook is a true win-win for both guests and hosts.


Get Started With GoGuidebook

Sounds pretty cool right?  You can get started with a completely free (no credit card required) 14 day trial of GoGuidebook.  This trial allows you to test every feature we offer and completely build your guide while paying nothing.  If you think it will work for your vacation rental, hotel, etc. then you can upgrade at any time.  Pricing begins at $9.99/month with discounts for annual plans and also discounts for multiple guides.

Learn more at our new GoGuidebook website: https://goguidebook.com

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