The Robertson Firm

The Robertson Firm came to Bold City after there first hired web team failed to complete the project. In pieces, and not well organized, Bold City took over to re-construct the dream website that they were after.

The Robertson Firm catered to a large variety of people and organizations when it came to how they practiced law. They worked with homeowners, contractors, sub-contractors, neighborhood associations and more. The pain point with their existing website revolved around visitors not understanding that the Robertson Firm could handle their case due to an information overload.

How could we separate the site out into different sections and steer the visitor to their appropriate information based on what type of visitor they were?

We came up with the concept of a unique menu item & homepage section block known as Start Here which was the first step at getting a visitor immersed into the website.

The results have been outstanding as we continue to work and grow with The Robertson Firm.

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